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At Hometown Pediatric we specialize in:


Newborn and Well Child Care


Acute and Chronic Health Conditions


Mental and Behavioral Health Disorders


Allergy Testing

Our history

From the time I decided to go back to school for my pediatric nurse practitioner, I dreamed of starting my own pediatric practice to serve the children of my community and the surrounding areas. I have been practicing in this area for the past several years, and I have made many special connections and built amazing patient-provider relationships.

I spent part of my childhood in Middle Point, my maternal grandparents farmed land in Lincolnview School district, and my paternal grandparents lived in Van Wert all their lives. I graduated from Delphos Jefferson, and after marrying, settled in Landeck, where my in-laws still live, then moved to Columbus Grove where we have lived since 1996.


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