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Screenings and Procedures

During Well Child Visits at Hometown Pediatrics, we perform routine health screenings recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Bright Futures Guidelines.

These screenings are considered standard of care; to not do them would be to practice substandard pediatric care.

Insurance companies are supposed to cover these screenings. Unfortunately, not all of them do.

Most plans cover screenings at no cost to you. Some recommend the screenings, then pass the cost on to you by counting it toward your deductible or co-insurance. Some plans don’t cover these screenings at all. If your insurance company doesn’t cover a standard screening, we suggest you call them, ask them why, and strongly urge them to start covering these standard services that benefit, and safeguard, your child’s health.

During your child’s visits, we may have to perform procedures or provide additional services to provide proper care. Insurance companies require us to bill these services and procedures separately, as additions to the “regular” office visit. An example of this may include, a child who is ill at the well child appointment, diagnosed with an ear infection, and requires antibiotics. We are required to bill for the well child visit, and the sick visit separately. As with screenings, most insurance companies cover these procedures and services most of the time. But some pass the costs to your deductible or co-insurance, and some don’t cover them at all.

It is Hometown Pediatrics policy to provide the best possible care for your child, no matter what insurance you have. Our goal is to provide exceptional health care for your child, not to pick and choose when we will and when we won’t provide care for your child based on an insurance company’s policies. Because we accept may different insurance plans, we can’t know or keep track of what every plan covers.

It’s your responsibility to understand what services are covered by your insurance plan and which ones are not.