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Separated Family Policy

We believe that divorce, separation, and custody agreements should never interfere with a child’s medical care. 

A parent requesting medical treatment is individually responsible for the payment of that visit’s medical bills.

Hometown Pediatrics is not a party to your divorce agreement; we will collect co-pays and deductibles from the attending parent, and will hold the attending parent responsible for any other payments associated with that visit.

“Joint Custody” means that each parent has equal access to the child’s medical record. Without a court order, we will not restrict either parent from access to their child’s medical information.

We will not call the other parent for consent prior to treatment, or to inform the non-present parent of the assessment and/or plan of care.

We will discuss information pertinent to the child’s history and exam with the accompanying parent at the time of the visit; it is the parents’ responsibility to communicate with each other.

If a court order requires us to do otherwise, we will be happy to comply after a copy of it is received by our office, entered into the child’s medical records.

Should issues between parents become disruptive to the medical practice, we reserve the right to discharge a family from our care and responsibility.